Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth


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What Could Go Wrong?
Book 11 in the award-winning Bailey Fish Adventure series gives readers what they’ve begged to know. Did Bailey’s mother, Molly, marry Dr. Andrew Snorge-Swinson, better known as Bug Man? (Author Linda Salisbury says the series concludes with this book.)



Ally can't wait to read new book.

Ally can't wait to read the new book.

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The award-winning series features Bailey Fish, 11, who lives with her environmentalist and book-loving grandmother, Sugar, while her mother is in Costa Rica for a year or more. Although Bailey misses her former home in Florida, she has made new friends, especially adopted, and homeschooled brothers, 12-year-old Noah and Fred Keswick, who live at their family’s country inn next door. Their parents also plan to adopt their foster sister, Sparrow, who is in wheelchair.

     Series’ action occurs at Sugar’s house and Keswick Inn, where guests are often part of the mystery.

     The books are sequential but may be read independently. Each contains embedded history or nonfiction, lots of adventure, and contemporary issues that appeal to boys and girls, including reluctant readers.
     The books also contain discussion questions, relevant Web sites, book resources, a glossary, and photographs or maps that relate to the story.
     With one in ten children in America living with a grandparent, the books have special relevance.

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Sydney Hass of Virginia Beach
Sydney Hass of Virginia Beach is thrilled to read the author’s inscription in her copy of Snooper Dude’s Secret, a birthday gift from her grandmother Barbara (Rulffs) Hass (on right). Sydney is a fan of the Bailey Fish Adventure series and was hoping for the new book.

Storyboard Listening
Tom the cat takes
a moment from
rearranging the
author's desk to
listen to StoryBoard.

Listeners enjoyed hearing all of the Ghost of the Chicken Coop Theater read on Indiana Public Radio on StoryBoard, beginning with season two (2014), episode one.





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Linda and James
Pictured are Adam D. Shprintzen, Ph.D., archival and digital
Historian, with the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of
George Washington at Mount Vernon, and author Linda Salisbury.
Shprintzen assisted Salisbury with her research on the nation's first
president for the nonfiction aspects of Snooper Dude's Secret.

Earthquake Surprise

Linda meets pen pal Gracelyn Scott,
who lives in China and is an avid reader
of the Bailey Fish Adventure series.

Moonbeam Children's Book Award

At the invitation of the Louisa County Historical
Society, author Linda Salisbury read from
Earthquake Surprise and displayed
her hand-painted panorama similar to
the one made by Henry Box Brown.
The reading was on the porch
of The Hermitage, the plantation
where Box Brown was born a slave in 1815.